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love poem 1

When the love start, I forget my heart, I want to stay with you, I can never hate you...

love poem 2

'm sorry for loving you, I'm sorry that I cared, I'm sorry for holding onto you but our love was rare. I'm sorry for thinking you felt the same, I'm sorry for trying to make you stay but I really wanted you there. Most of all I'm sorry that I gave my hopes up, sorry that I thought you felt the same.

love poem 3

I Wish I Never Liked You. I wish I didn’t waste all those times talking to you or thinking about you. I wish I didn’t worry or cared about all the times you ignored me. I wish I never got excited every time you made me feel special, I wish I never believed every word you said. I wish I never got my hopes high for you. And I wish I never kept trying and trying, knowing I would just go through the same thing. Because in the end, the one that gets hurt isn’t you. It’s me.

love poemlove poem 4

How dare you do this to me. I was there for you, I loved you, but that wasn't enough was it? What did I do to deserve this, this hurtful feeling you've given me. I thought you cared for me to, I thought you were different and that we were going to last. You lied to me, abused my trust. I don't know if I will recover from this, I've been hurt to many times and this was the last straw. Screw you and your lies.
love poem 5
You gave up so easily, and here I thought we could be something special. I'm so mad at you, all the things you told me were a lie. F*** it, I'm not going to stress this. I won't even think about it anymore. You lied to me, I won't tolerate it. I trusted you, but you let me down. Have a good day, a good life cause I want nothing to do with you. I won't let this get to me, I refuse to let it affect me. I admit, it hurts, but I won't dwell on it for too long and that's a promise.
love poem 6
So here we are, back at square one. This is just the way I thought it'd become. You lay with me and say you care, but you do that with him? that's so not fair. I'd drop the world for you, but you'd drop nothing for me. I love you so much, why is it so hard for you to see? I just want to know how you really feel, can you please for once just be real. 

love poem 7 

Have you ever finally moved on? You know when you forget the tears, the pain, and forget the person who caused all this. You're happy, able to go a day without them on your mind, and then suddenly they reappear. They begin to say things to hook you again; they say that they care, that they want to be there this time. At first you don't believe it, but you end up falling anyways again knowing they won't be there to catch you. You don't know what else to do because you love them, but you know deep down inside they don't care and then you are left with the tears and pain all over. 

 love poem 8 

 Moving on dosnt mean forgetting, moving on means you know you will be just fine without that other person, if your posting this you are one step closer to moving on, and one thing dont let yourself keep falling back into the same pattern and going back to that person because u miss them but know in ur heart they dont love you... You will be the