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1.   I will always love you Jitesh!! Forever - Angel 2. hey PINKI(G)..i know u have forgotten me..but never i can....u dont miss me..but i do....u dont have any feelings.....but i have..bcoz i love u not to get nything bu
- RAjneesh kumar pandey

2. tunrayo i luv u babe u more than wat i worth in my life ur luv is a golden star star that always shine in my luv i will always luv
- samuel

- sandeep

4. I love u Sonu... love u for ever.. muuuuuaaaahhh.......
- Mammam

5. I love you bikram i love you alooooooooooooooooootttt from my inner heart....................bnt
- thapa nitisha

6. I love you bikram\baba i love you so much forever and ever you r my smile my future and my life. (You are my universe! I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. I know I sometimes get insecure but im tel
- thapa nitisha

7. love u vini........
- chandra sekhar pinipilli

8. we love those whose like nice and beautiful love is a sea which never end i want to fly on the sky with my love
- tariq mahmood

9. I love u Caroline King, u will always live in my heart. 3
- Ezra Mwakisopile

10. a href=www.inilahinilah/a Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.
- raxfleema

11. I Love You Seema, I Love You too much..... I feel, it is impossible live with you.
- Sandeep Dhiman

12. love you myn q
- khendz

13. I was not born into understanding, I love the past and question it earnestly.
- Kobbla Emmanuel

14. a warszawa augustow/a to obszar, gdzie milo a takze fajnie spedzimy okres czasu, patrzac Warszawe. a warszawa augus
- bernadetapita11

15. one day u have said were always been someone i loved more than i loved now where ur love has gone.....plz tell me PINKY (g)...i am waiting 4 u.....i will post my message here till the end of my
- deewana

16. ...." BeSt...' .... yOuRe My EvEryThInG... Be True and I SweAr" LoVeLots.. :)
- lHUX

17. ...." BeSt...' .... yOuRe My EvEryThInG... Be True and I SweAr" LoVeLots.. :)
- Lhuxy B. Seblos

18. .."JuN2 ... I mIsS yOu MorE tHan ThaT I LoVe YoU tOo.."
- Lhuxy B. Seblos

19. ;;love you
- Lhuxy B. Seblos

20. I love you mani....
- Pooja Bhatia