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1. I luv u my sweet Jan, I will luv u forever till my last breath..U r my sweet sweet baccha...
- Golu

2. isna i love you so much
- shofiqur rahman limon

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- ! aaZoomaxobe

4. tumari ek muskurahat ke liye, me aapna sara gum chupadunga..bas tum ye boldo ke tume mujse pyar humesha tumse dur chala jaunga.par zarurat padne par aapna jaan vi dedunga..i love PINKI(G)
- deewana

5. Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was choice, but falling in love with you was completely out of my control. john arnald caspillan ...ikaw parin !! 33 :(
- khitty _XD

6. ihartyu in a ways yu never see !!!!!!! hmp .. and wer not meant to be :( its forbidden love !!!!!SKB! kyle
- khitty _XD

7. thank you for always being there for me whenever i need you or not. im sorry for the bad things i have really thankful that god gave me you c':
- cunchinta

8. iloveyou bhe , i will always love you.
- cunchinta

9. hi my dhear,i want u to know that i really love you so much even though u broke my heart into pieces..bcoz of other woman,but its ok i will forgive u just bcoz i love u and i need u ..i love you tatskie
- grace_dhear

10. I love u my baby... Plz forgivr mi... Plz forgive all z mistake i did... U r z light of my life... U mean everithng 4 mi... Plz maaf kar dijiyer mujhay... Apsay bahout pyar karti houn... Will do anythng 2 b ur perfect gurl...
- Pooja Aubeeluck


12. hey PINKI(G) i ll post my message here till the end of my life to get a reply 4m u..and will stop posting message here only after my life plz any body reading this plz inform to every girl having their name "PINKY"
- deewana

13. i always love u my sweet heart Chanchal
- anoop

14. I'm a man but why I dare not say the word " I love u " to u. Why I meet u i'm very nervour? Now I want to tell u I do love u. Although u hate me I still love u.
- Pheak Tra

15. i love PINKY(G) more than my if any body reading this then please inform those girls, whose name r pinky...may be som1 will get this messes whom i love so much..plz plz plz guys inform them....any body having the nam
- deewana

16. i only love the heart that love'me
- lamidi samuel

17. I Love You Hemali........
- Ashish

18. hey ma GHEE,ma honeycomb,,,, MI LOVEU ETERNAL...everlastn...endless....forever..... ur pie........
- pie

19. I will always love you Jitesh!! Forever
- Angel

20. hey PINKI(G)..i know u have forgotten me..but never i can....u dont miss me..but i do....u dont have any feelings.....but i have..bcoz i love u not to get nything but the same response 4m ur side..if u have any feelings plz r
- deewana